Security Systems

The best way to protect your business, home and family from fire and burglary is with an electronic security system.

A security system is not only a good investment as a home improvement, it produces immediate benefits as well. Insurance companies offer a discount on your homeowners insurance ranging from 10% to 20%.

  • Some systems even have energy saver options that control your furnace when you are away, reducing your heating and air conditioning costs.

  • CO detectors can protect your family from carbon monoxide, an invisible poisonous gas.

  • Our GSMX long range radios can secure alarm communications when no phone line is available.

  • Security systems are more affordable than many people think. To find out what is best for your situation we'll do a Security Survey of your home. For some people the investment in a security system may be under $100, for others in an identical home it could be $5,000. It all depends on your needs and lifestyle.

    We use only quality equipment from the top manufacturers of security electronics. This insures that your system will do it's job trouble free for years to come

    Call or email us to get a free estimate for a professionally installed Universal Security Company of Illinois Access Control System.

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